Formula with fields with special characters

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Formula with fields with special characters

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Hi there

how do I create a formula for a filed with the name "VFAS(V)"
I need the formula

but he always complains. Using " or ' doenst help either because he now says I would use a string

How do I do it ?

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Re: Formula with fields with special characters

Post by Waveworks »

Hello Jan,

First of all, terribly sorry for the delayed response. For some reason I didn't get an email notification.

Yes it's a bit complicated to use formulas with a column whose header contains non-alphanumeric characters. To get around this problem, first go into File -> Preferences -> CSV Import and make sure that Warn for invalid variable names is enabled. Then close and open your CSV file again. Now when your CSV file is loaded, a message will be printed in the message view informing you about the variable name you should use in formulas. Probably for VFAS(V), the variable name would just become VFASV, so your formula should be written cell=VFASV/6.

If this doesn't help, please let me know what error message you're given. You may also find hints in Help under Formulas and Expressions, which lists all error messages and some tips for how to resolve them.

Best regards,
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