Feature request: Default formulas and other QOL

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Feature request: Default formulas and other QOL

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I have found your software really useful for analysing current measurement data. However, there are two problems that I am incurring in my workflow. I can setup groups and colours nicely. However, when choosing 'show on x axis', this is not remembered when I reopen the program, and it also does not apply to newly opened files. It would be great if there was an option to use column 'n' as X-axis, or columns name 'Time' for example by default. Additionally, I often need to measure how much time is between two points. For this I create the formula 'delta_time=Time[t]-Time[t-1] if t > 0 else 0' and then use the selection tool, click on the formula and read the sum value. This is a bit cumbersome to have to do everytime. It would be great if it was possible to create default formulas, that are automatically created when loading a file. Finally, it can be a bit difficult to read the value information at the bottom of the graph, it would be great if I could instead choose these in the side view where the name, type, value, etc. is shown. Either by alowing to show sum, average, etc. in addition to the these, or to choose which one should be the "value" for this formula/column. It would also be cool if it could show the difference between the selection start and end point.

- Remember 'show on x axis' or default column to show
- Default formulas that are added when opening a file
- Change the value in the sidebar to show sum or average

Thank you!
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Re: Feature request: Default formulas and other QOL

Post by Waveworks »


Thank you for taking the time to report your feedback! I very much agree with all of your suggestions, and actually similar ideas are already on my (very long) TODO list. I'll note another request for these features. I don't dare to say when the next version will be out since I'm currently involved in an AI startup that takes all my development time, but for sure a Flow update is long overdue and I hope to find some time for it soon. Hope you can live with the current situation a bit longer!

Best regards,
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