Disassociation from the Windows Store

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Disassociation from the Windows Store

Post by rthomp »

Big fan of Flow CSV Viewer here. Any way we could purchase Flow CSV Editor directly from Waveworks? Grabbing the exe directly from Waveworks would be nice for installing on OSX or Linux through wine. Also feels better to give the money straight to Waveworks.
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Re: Disassociation from the Windows Store

Post by Waveworks »

Hello, great to hear that Flow has fans! :D It's indeed possible to buy licenses directly from Waveworks, however there is some administrative overhead for both me and the buyer, and Microsoft's cut is actually quite small and reasonable, so for small volumes I do recommend buyers to buy via Microsoft Store if possible. Also note that Flow has not been tested with Wine as for as I know, so I can't guarantee that it works. That said, I would be very interested to know if you can make it work. Please write me an email at info@waveworks (add .dk manually) and we'll proceed from there!

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