Request: "world" map view

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Request: "world" map view

Post by hananz »


I LOVE!! your viewer, was looking a lot for a simple and fast tool to view very large CSV file, couldn't find any as good as yours.

It would be very helpful if there was a "world map view" so one could orient themselves when zoomed in the data, just a small window with the entire data and a dotted box with the current view position.

Thank you,
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Re: Request: "world" map view

Post by Waveworks »

Hi Hanan, thanks a lot, very glad you like it!

Yes this is a feature I've seen in other similar tools and I really want to do the same in Flow. The list of improvements for future versions is long, however, so I can't promise it will be in the next version, but I can promise it's on the list. Thanks for letting me know!

Best regards,
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