Method for creating groups

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Method for creating groups

Post by rewandy5 »

I've been using Flow CSV viewer for a few months now and really like it. The potential is pretty great. My main struggle with it is the auto grouping and organization of the plot variables is a bit cumbersome. I'm working with telematics log files that have a large number of variables and what would be awesome is to be able to create a group and then scroll through a list of available variables and 'check' the ones I'd like to include in the group. I know you can drag and drop currently, but it takes a very long time 'scrolling' up or down while dragging to get the right variables in the right groups.

Great work, I love the simplicity of the tool.
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Re: Method for creating groups

Post by Waveworks »

Hello and thank you for your feedback - glad you find it useful! I can see how it can be cumbersome with many variables, and I have noted it on my list. While waiting for the perfect solution, here are some techniques that might help you, if you're not doing them already:
  • In the Preferences, under Data Viewer, change Auto distribute variables into groups on opening to Never. This will stop the app from trying to be clever about grouping your variables based on their types and values, and either group them according to how you have grouped variables with the same names before, or simply put them all into one single group.
  • If you have many unsorted variables in a single group, you can scroll through them and Ctrl-click the ones you want to move to a new group, and then you can drag all of them into the empty area below the variable list to make a new group for them.
Let me know if this helps - that way I'll better understand your struggles!

Best regards,
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