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Beta test upcoming release

Posted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 9:50 am
by Waveworks
Flow CSV Viewer and Editor v1.0 will soon be released, and as an existing user, you are invited to participate in the beta test and provide bug reports and feedback that will be used to ensure the quality of the final release. In return, any tester who provides meaningful feedback will obtain a free copy of Flow CSV Editor, once the full version is released.

The beta versions can be downloaded and installed from here:

You may of course test in any way you like, but here is some inspiration for what you can do:
  • Open various CSV files that you have on your computer or from the web and check that they look right.
  • Go through the features in the feature matrix table on the About page and check that they work as expected.
  • Go through the newest features in the What's New chapter in the Help documentation and check that they work as expected.
  • Read the Help documentation and check that the various commands work as described.
  • Challenge the formula engine and the undo/redo functionality, since they have been the most complicated functions to implement.
Thank you for helping out!