multiple vertical lines

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multiple vertical lines

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I have seen the cursor put a vertical line on a plot.

Is there a manner to have three vertical lines at the same time so I can mark individual x-axis time stamps?

I am plotting a start time for a device and to see it's response time so I would like to have a vertical line for the 0-point, idle point before it reacts, and when it settles at the target signal.
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Re: multiple vertical lines

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There is no support for multiple cursors, but if I understand you right, I think you can achieve what you want either with a boolean expression search or with a boolean formula which you then show on the X axis. To start with a boolean expression search, deselect all variables, press Ctrl-F and write a boolean expression like this:

t == 0 or t == 1234 or t == 5678

That will select the samples at positions 0, 1234 and 5678 and show a blue vertical line over them. You can of course write other dynamic expressions instead of t == 1234 or t == 5678. The problem with this approach is that the lines dissapear as soon as you select something else.

For a more persistent marking, you can create a formula like this:

markers = t == 0 or t == 1234 or t == 5678

and then you can drag the marker variable to the ruler above the graph. That way, these three X positions will be marked in the ruler and there will be vertical grid lines under these samples, and they will stay even if you select other samples or variables.

Hope this helps, otherwise let me know if I misunderstood your question!

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