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About Flow

Flow is a suite of light-weight tools for viewing and editing time series data files in CSV format locally on your Windows computer. It's designed to be extremely quick and easy to use. It opens any valid CSV file immediately without any dialogs or complicated commands, and you'll be viewing, analyzing and editing the data of interest within seconds.

Flow was originally written with the signal processing engineer in mind. It's optimized for time series data such as measurement and sensor data, but it's also useful for viewing and editing large machine learning data sets as well as for other applications where numeric data is involved. The data is visualized as line plots, and zooming, scrolling and rearranging the plots is fast and efficient, also on large data sets.

Feature Matrix

FeatureFlow CSV ViewerFlow CSV Editor
Open any valid CSV files
Line plot display
Arrange line plots into groups
Print plots and copy plot as image
Simple text search
Advanced boolean expression search
Formula engine based on Python syntax
Save CSV files
Edit values
Cut, copy and paste samples or data
Remove, reorder and rename variables
Redefine variables with Python expressions
Sort samples
Unlimited undo and redo

About Me

My name is Gustaf Hammarberg and I'm a professional software developer and engineer, specializing in signal processing and machine learning with sensor data. Because I find that software tools for engineering are consistently difficult to use or ridiculously expensive, often both, I often end up writing my own tools. With Flow, I wish to share one of these tools with others with the same experience. I started developing it in 2015, and I've spent considerable time eliminating bugs and ensuring it's easy and quick to use.

If you use the free edition Flow CSV Viewer, please consider buying Flow CSV Editor at Windows Store. It's only 7 euros. That way, you support continued development, and improvements will come back to you faster.